We are proud to say that we have entered an era where Indonesia’s economy has grown tremendously in recent years. Such growth is driven by a booming period in the service and industry sectors. Furthermore, Agriculture has become one of the mainstays of the national economy that has a major impact on society. The agricultural sector employs about 60% of the population. It is time for Indonesia to build food sovereignty and national independence.

The International Economics Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation (BCFN) has released the Food Sustainability Index (FSI). The results show that Indonesia ranks 21st in the Food Sustainability Index. It is our belief that the members of HKTI is one of the major force behind such success.

But this achievement cannot continue or be sustained in the long run without any support for inclusivity and sustainability as requirements to compete in the agricultural sector today. HKTI comes with a vision and mission as a big house for farmers, where farmers will be protected from practices that are detrimental to the farmers themselves. The association aims to be an instrumental force in implementing solutions for farmers and the agricultural challenges facing Indonesia. To achieve this, HKTI also acts as a strategic partner with the Government in implementing a pro-farm program, whilst bridging dialogue and activity between institutions.

Now let’s move to the bigger picture. Our country Indonesia is one of the driving forces of economic growth in Asia. In fact, nationally we have become the 3rd largest country in economic growth amongst G20 countries. By the year 2045, Indonesia is projected to become one of the largest economies amongst developing countries.

In order to build and strengthen the economies of the Asian region, we need to further promote cooperation and synergy amongst Asian countries. Members of HKTI has a role to play in this matter. In support our national economic development, the association has pioneered the activities of the ASIAN AGRICULTURE & FOOD FORUM 2018 as a medium for enabling interaction, strategic synergy and business cooperation between countries, working towards achieving food security within Asia and the world.

Therefore, We invite leaders of countries and business leaders across Asia to join us in this event to further the momentum of the Asian agricultural revival.

Let all stakeholders like HKTI participate actively to come together and contribute greatly to Asia’s food security